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    Beet Root Powder

    Beet Root Powder

    Min.Order Quantity: 1 Kilogram/Kilograms

    Supply Ability: 10000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month

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    Product introduction

    Product Name

    Beet Root Powder

    Brand Name

    DN Biology


    Straight Powder


    Dark Red Powder 

    Part Used



    Pharmaceutical and Food 


    Store in cool dry place,avoid sunlight and high temperature.

    Beet root is an excellent source of folate and a good source of manganese, and contains betaines which may function to reduce the concentration of homocysteine, a homolog of the naturally occurring amino acid cysteine. The red colour compound betanin is not broken down in the body, and in higher concentration may temporarily cause urine and stool to assume a reddish colour; in the case of urine this is called beeturia. This effect may cause distress and concern due to the visual similarity to hematuria (blood in the urine) or blood in the stool, but is completely harmless and will subside once the food is out of the system.

    Funtions or Efficacy

    Beet root benefits for skin includes its cleansing action

    Beet root is lowering high blood cholesterol and levels of triglycerides.

    The juice of beetroot is effective in lowering high blood pressure.

    Betaine in beetroot is beneficial for those with hypochlorhydria, a medical condition characterized by low levels of stomach acid.

    It has also been contended that beetroot can help in fighting cancer causing compounds called nitrosamines.

    Beetroot can also curb inflammation, which is associated with heart disease, osteoporosis etc.


    Beet root powder is a purely natural ingredient extracted from beet root.

    It used for soups, sauces, gravy, stock cubes, flavoring, seasonings.

    Health drinks, flavours, dietary supplements.

    Improve the blood quality, purify the blood by flushing away fatty deposits.

    Improve circulation and regulate blood PH balance.

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