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    Pine Pollen Powder

    Pine Pollen Powder

    Min.Order Quantity: 1 Kilogram/Kilograms

    Supply Ability: 10000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month

    Port: Beijing,Tianjin,Hangzhou

    Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,West Union.

    Product introduction

     Product Name

    Pine Pollen powder

     Botanical Source:

    Pinus massoniana L

     Part Used



    Pollen powder/cell broken


    Yellow fine powder

     Test Method



    Pine pollen powder is a high functional health food, it can be fully human individual conditioning system is extremely beneficial to human health. Pine pollen contains a comprehensive and balanced nutrition , can enhance physical strength, energy , fatigue fully restored.

    Pine pollen powder contains large amounts of antioxidants , such as vitamin E, carotene and selenium , etc., which can inhibit lipid peroxidation and protein rate , which has anti-aging effect .

    Dried yellow pine pollen is a fine powder, the observation Loupe, was uniformly small pellets. Physical ethereal, easy flying, hands feeling smooth twist has not sink in water. Micro gas smell, taste greasy feeling. In yellow, delicate, no impurities, strong liquidity better.



    Pine pollen powder is not only a unique regulate physiological functions , but also promote skin cell metabolism , delaying the aging of skin cells and increase skin elasticity , skin white and ruddy bodybuilding special effects , known as " eat cosmetics"

    2.Gastrointestinal disorders
    Pine pollen powder contains nearly a hundred kinds of enzymes, can promote gastrointestinal motility, increase appetite, help digestion, gastrointestinal disorders have significant regulatory role.

    Pine pollen powder can promote cell activity in the liver, bile secretion to normal, to prevent the occurrence of liver disease, and promote liver detoxification function .

    4.Cardiovascular conservation
    Pine pollen powder in its natural nutritional library , enhanced metabolism, regulate the endocrine glands , mobilized alternative excretion, but also improves the heart, blood , vascular conditions, cardiovascular played a role in health care . Such as pine pollen magnesium can activate the enzyme system , but also as a carrier of various nutrients ; flavonoids can significantly reduce blood fat and cholesterol ; various vitamins can increase the vascular wall elasticity , improve heart and brain microcirculation.

    Pine pollen contains a variety of rich and full of nutrients, constipation has a good therapeutic effect. For example, for indigestion and constipation, upper gastrointestinal disease caused by pine pollen on gastrointestinal disorders have a good effect , therefore , after taking pine pollen, there will be an immediate improvement in this type of constipation . For nervous cause constipation caused by involuntary muscle spasms , pine pollen magnesium and vitamin B6, for involuntary muscle has good sedation, constipation and therefore can be eliminated naturally .

    6.Other diseases
    Pine pollen is a natural nutritional library, which from a comprehensive solution to human nutrition balance problems, we greatly enhance the body's own immune system , and thus many diseases have a fantastic role of adjuvant therapy , such as colds , prostate disease, anemia , diabetes, high blood pressure , asthma and rhinitis. It is particularly worth mentioning is that pine pollen topical treatment can be broken without dampness convergence bleeding , eczema , impetigo , skin erosion , concentrated water dripping , traumatic bleeding diaper dermatitis have a good therapeutic effect. Thus it is not only in patients with a variety of sore medicine , is the care of the baby tender skin of the best.

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